Our vision

Maison Mata's vocation is to offer prescription and sunglasses designed with respect for nature and human rights, but also very resistant, to support you at all times of your life.


Maison Mata Optometrist will perform your comprehensive eye exam in the Lens Bar and our team will advise you on the best lens types for you and your lifestyle. We collaborate with Essilor, Zeiss and Rodenstock Laboratory, the best in the world they also produces in Indonesia, supporting our commitment to working with local businesses.

The process

It all starts with a simple stroke or a pencil on a drawing table, then 120 hours of work are needed to produce the first prototype. This process combines artistic creativity and traditional craftsmanship and leads to a selection of a cellulose acetate plate obtained from a Cotton Flower. This natural material is more solid, malleable and hypoallergenic than plastic, commonly used as a material for glasses production.

acetate glasses

It is a guarantee of quality and
longevity for your glasses.

Light and comfort frames
multiplicity of colours
fun and coloured look

Stainless steel glasses

Ultra-light rendering with a more
discreet aesthetic than acetate.

ultra-Light and strong
Discreet aesthetic
smart look

Yes, we care

Being a manufacturer, we reduce as much as possible the individual plastic packaging in our supply by our workshop, our glasses, our cloth, our cases and deliver it to us in common packaging.

We choose our workshops by their know-how, but also their values. We are proud to work with workshops who respect decent working conditions and do not use children labour.